Thursday, January 23, 2014

{NFL} Was Sherman's Rant Personal or Just Football?

It has been almost a week since I was subjected to Richard Sherman's grade school pissing-contest rant after the NFC Championship game. And grade school is exactly what it was. Everyone keeps reporting that Sherman was just fired up. Sherman is an intelligent and educated man. Sherman backed up what he was saying. But, what many don't realize is that Sherman wasn't referring to everyone or even that game. He was referring to his on-going personal feud with Michael Crabtree. 

So, yes, Sherman is an intelligent man. He knew what he was doing at the time. He was letting Michael Crabtree know that at that moment he was the better man in their grade school pissing contest. 

What is this feud, you ask? Well, no one really knows the particulars, but two different people have collaborated the background. Sherman's brother being one. In an article in the Seattle Times, Sherman's brother told of the feud beginning in the off-season at a charity event. According to his account, Sherman went to shake Crabtree's hand, was rebuffed, and then Crabtree allegedly tried to fight Sherman. Another attendee of the event, who says there is no familial or professional connection to either man, said in another interview that the handshake and rebuff were accurate. However, said that it was Sherman who tried to instigate a fight with Crabtree. The exact story that is true is unknown. But, the fact remains that there is bad blood between the two. 

But, here is my number one problem. I don't watch football to see grown ass men carry on with their personal pissing contest. I know there is shit-talking across the line on almost every play. Whatever. That is between Player A and Player B who are usually shown after the game shaking hands and laughing. The shit between Sherman and Crabtree is real. Real, as in WWE feuding without it being scripted. Real, as in they wanted to beat the crap out of each other at some point.

Would I ever believe anything ESPN or NFL would say to downplay this rant? Nope. NFL made it very clear a couple months ago that Seattle was their Golden Child this season. They are completely biased. 

I don't care that Sherman is an athlete. At the end of the day he is a human being too. So, I don't feel that he needs to bring his personal problems to work. I sure wouldn't be able to. And neither would any of you.  He stood in that interview and whooped and hollered about him, him, him. How about some props to the person who really saved that play? All he did was bat it away from Crabtree. It would've been 4th and 7 had his TEAMMATE not been there to intercept it. But, no. It was all about how Richard Sherman was the best. And Michael Crabtree was a "sorry receiver". Yet, you feel the need to brag that you shutdown a "mediocre" receiver? No. That's gloating. And the gloating was personal. 

In the same Seattle Times interview mentioned above, it was stated that Sherman did basically the same play a month before against the Giants. Did he whoop and holler about that receiver being "sorry" and "mediocre"? Nope. Which just reiterates the fact that his rant was personal. 

Yes, I agree that Sherman owes Erin Andrews an apology. She asked a customary question. He also owes everyone sitting at home that had to listen to it an apology. Bring your football game to the stadium and check your personal problems at the door. That's what *I* would be expected to do.

I only hope that Sherman learned something from this. And that is to keep your drama filled, grade school problems out of a football game.