Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is Ndamukong Suh the "chosen one" for controversy?

Ever since he came into the league, I have felt that Suh was probably one of the most dirtiest players in the NFL. He doesn't do very much on field to try to prove otherwise either. So, last year he causes controversy over a very deliberate stomp to a Green Bay Packers player.


He received a 2 game suspension for the incident. In its ruling, the NFL had cited that this was the 5th time Suh had been disciplined for on field conduct since being drafted in 2010.

Apparently, Suh is determined to make controversy a tradition on Thanksgiving. This year, Houston Texans quarterback received a kick to the groin courtesy of Suh.


When the NFL reviewed this play, they ruled that they could not for certain say the kick was intentional. Many say it's obvious that it was. Suh received a $30K fine for the incident. Now, I would have been majorly upset if Brodrick Bunkley had gotten suspended and Suh didn't. However, neither got a suspension. With Suh's history to date, is a $30K fine appropriate? And did he intentionally kick Schaub?

Imagine my surprise when I went to browse the website's articles the other day and found this one: Ndamukong Suh: 'I'm the chosen one' for controversy. My first thought? No, dumba$$! You choose to put yourself in that situation. There would be no controversy if he didn't continuously put himself in the positions he does! The NFL didn't choose him for controversy, he chose to put himself there!

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