Sunday, November 18, 2012

How the BCS should be determined....


This blog post will probably make me a hated person in the NCAA Football world, but hey, it's just my opinion. I don't like the current BCS championship method. I also don't like the future playoff method either. So, how do I feel the BCS championship game teams should be determined? Simple. A variation of the current one.

In the current system, teams are ranked by a computer system and by human polls (see here for an explanation of the system). In my simple mind, BCS ranking should be decided strictly by a computer statistical method. Your ranking should be based on who you played and how you played not the popularity contest it is today. Some say I am wrong but to me it seems fair. I mean in these human polls, are they not voting highly for the schools they want to see at the top and less for the schools they don't want to see? Even though statistically another school was better just not as popular. Here's an example from the 2011 season when it was announced that University of Alabama was #2 over Oklahoma State:

"Alabama (11-1) finished second in both the Harris and coaches' polls by a wide margin to make up for the fact that Oklahoma State was ahead in the computer ratings." (Source)

Keep in mind that Oklahoma State was also 11-1 and their conference champions. Alabama had lost to LSU which was undefeated and ranked #1. LSU was also the conference champions in the same conference Alabama was in. 

Now, yes I am an LSU fan. They did lose to Alabama in the BCS championship last year. But, statistically should Alabama even had been in it? It was admitted that Oklahoma State lead Alabama in the computer rankings. But, were the human polls fair? Was Alabama voted in at 2nd because of popularity of the SEC? I guess no one will really know. 

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Magyver said...

Re: "This blog post will probably make me a hated person in the NCAA Football world"

Naah, dat would be Nick Saban!

Geaux Tigers!