Friday, November 30, 2012

An Open Letter to Arthur Blank

Mr. Blank,

    I am writing this to discuss a minor problem. You see, this problem's name would be Roddy White. I cannot for the life of me understand why you let this man verbally represent your "company" (aka team). Personally, if this man worked in any way, shape or form for me, he'd be under a personal gag order.

A) He has no class. At all. This is a man who said last year, on his Twitter account, that he wished another Katrina would come wipe out the city of New Orleans. Seriously? This is how much respect for human life this man has? He wishes for death and destruction on a city of people? This is probably the most heartless and cruel and hateful man I have ever had the misfortune of having to read comments from. Even more sad? You let him represent you and your team.

B) He makes himself sound illiterate and even diminishes the integrity of higher education. He doesn't know basic grammar or basic spelling. I seriously have to wonder about the state of the college education system of this country. I have to wonder if the team, as a whole, enjoys that their spokesperson portrays himself as illiterate.

  • Exhibit B1
Last I checked, it's spelled CHAMPAGNE, not champaign. My auto correct wants me to fix that typo, so yes, I know his version is spelled wrong. And I HATE seeing that squiggly red line under words!

  • Exhibit B2
This is one of my biggest pet peeves. This is elementary school grammar. You have their, there and they're. It's important to understand which one goes in a written sentence. I'm not sure why he used the plural when he was explaining where someone was from. Its should be THERE, not their.

  • Exhibit B3
Again, possessive and plurals are elementary grammar. FAMILIES, not family's. However, perhaps I should give him some credit. He did use to and your correctly.

I really try to refrain from being the grammar police. However, in this instance something should be said. Children in this country look up to superstars. Incorrect grammar and spelling just shows them that college and education isn't all that important. How about hire him a tutor to help him out. Surely he KNOWS the basics and just doesn't employ them. If not, then University of Alabama - Birmingham is not ever on my list of acceptable colleges.

It is he alone that makes me realize why Atlanta fans are the way they are. Of course they are going to resort to such a childish prank as egging a bus of the opposing team or wishing a hurricane would kill New Orleans' fans. They have a childish leader in Roddy White. As the owner of the Falcons it is your job to ensure that the general manager is doing his job: Making sure the people that represent you are doing it with intelligence and class.

Although, I must say I agree with Roddy White on one thing. New Orleans does have some good food. The city of Atlanta has never had much to offer in my opinion.

Stay classy, Atlanta. Oh, look, I made a joke. Between Roddy's mouth and the egg throwing fans, Atlanta has lost any class it ever had.

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