Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 2 Surprises {NFL}

There were some big surprises in the outcomes of game in Week 2.

  • Saints @ Panthers: While I hate that my beloved boys in Black and Gold lost to the Panthers, I'm not quite sure why suddenly people are claiming its a surprise. After Cam Newton's stellar performance last season, every one was saying that Carolina would be a team to watch this season. So, while I hate the loss, it wasn't that much of a surprise according to the standards set forth.
  • Chiefs @ Bills: According to the pre-season polls, Kansas City was going to be the team to beat in the AFC West. But, the "non-contender" Bills beat them 35-17. Mark me down as surprised. I figured Kansas City would at least win.
  • Cardinals @ Patriots: This was a real surprise although if the Patriots had made the field goal, they would've won. I never would have picked Arizona over New England. 
  • Redskins @ Rams: I was secretly hoping against all hope that the Rams would pull this win off. My hope was based on emotion and wanting the Redskins to lose as revenge for Week 1. And I must admit that James Laurinaitis is one of my favorite players even though he has never played on my team. I barely got my wish, but I got it. And it was a shock for others who assumed that RG3 was going to carry his winning momentum into Week 2.
  • Cowboys @ Seahawks: I think this was another one that no one saw coming. After Dallas' big win over the Giants last week, every one was ready to peg them as an undefeated team this year. But, Seattle owned the Cowboys this week.
  • Denver @ Atlanta: I'm not going to say the outcome was a surprise because deep down I knew the Falcons would win. What surprised me was the fact that it was not consistently a close game throughout. I expected more from Peyton.

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