Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crybaby Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons, are in my opinion and by far, the whiniest football team in the NFL! First there was the incident last season where some Saints defensive players posed for a picture on the Falcon symbol after their Monday Night Football win in Atlanta. Although according to this blog, Atlanta has no recollection of the photo moment. But, just as a gentle reminder:

Then during that same win, it is alleged that former Saint, Remi Ayodele, confessed to urinating on the Falcon symbol. However considering that he supposedly told CBS reporter Pete Prisco this, I find it highly unlikely the confession took place. After last night's Falcons at Saints game, it is very obvious that Prisco is for the Falcons and against the Saints. Remember, he is the one who believes Brees breaking Marino's record is tainted. You know since obviously, the Saints were supposed to take knees for 4 downs and give Atlanta the ball back before the end of the game. Since obviously, the Saints should not actually go do what they are paid hundreds of thousands and millions to do! You know, play football.

For the last two weeks, two teams accused the Saints of being dirty players - the Titans and the Vikings. Honestly, I expected the same to happen after we beat the Falcons last night. What I didn't expect was the accusations of the Saints being "classless" for running up the score on the Falcons. Really? You have got to be kidding me! Yes, we won 45-16. We won by 29 points. How about the week before when the Falcons beat the Jaguars by a score of 41-14 (27 points)? Was that wrong? Of course not! See, here's what I've learned about the Falcons - They think they are the best and can do whatever they want. So, when they beat an inferior team by 27, it's ok. But, when another playoff team beats them by a margin of 29, it's wrong. Well, sorry Falcons! You want to play in the playoffs. You want teams to respect you. Well, what did your performance last night show? Don't get mad because you got beat. Don't get mad because a team didn't lay down and let you walk all over them. If you wanted that win bad enough, WORK FOR IT! Don't call a team with a great quarterback classless. Work to get your quarterback to that level. Work to get your team to that level.

Please don't think that the Saints were handed anything. The Saints is one team that has to fight and earn everything. Drew Brees earned the record. Was he supposed to sit back and not earn it just to spare the feelings of the likes of Roddy White? The same Roddy White that talks his Katrina garbage about a city? The same Roddy White that has no regard for the human lives that were lost during Katrina? No regard for the people who lost everything they had? Screw him and his feelings along with the rest of the Falcons feelings. Personally, if the Falcons didn't want that record made "on their watch", then their defense should've stopped it! You'd think somewhere along the way the Falcons Defensive Coordinator would have the thought - "Wow. Brees is close to the record. Odds are he's gonna be passing." Just putting that thought out there....

Brees and the New Orleans Saints went to work and did their JOB! Not our problem if the Atlanta Falcons didn't!