Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Me Say This Again.....

If you don't like what I have to say, then DON'T EFFIN READ IT! I'm not going to sugar coat ANYTHING to make your team look better than they are! I don't need your acceptance to validate my existence. So just BACK OFF!

Also, please note that I am not always "tame" when I get on my soapbox. If my language offends you, DON'T EFFIN READ IT! Don't worry about my soul when I curse like a sailor. My soul is just fine!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why do the Atlanta Falcons get no respect?

First off, if I had a dollar for every time I saw this question posted (99.9% of the time by a Falcons fan) I would be a freaking millionaire!

Now, on to the question at hand -- Why don't the Atlanta Falcons get any respect? It's pretty simple -- they don't DESERVE it! No, I'm not saying that simply because they are the division rival to my beloved New Orleans Saints. I'm saying it because it's true! Let's take a look at the previous 15 weeks of football.....

Week #1: Atlanta travelled to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Due to suspension, the Steeler's "franchise", Ben Roethlisberger, would not be playing. In the end, Atlanta lost to the Steelers 15-9. Now, granted yes - the first 4 quarters of this game was nothing but Field Goals. This game would have been won in the 4th had J. Reed (former Pittsburgh kicker) made the field goal and prevented OT. Either way, you (ATL) lost to a second string QB. You began the season 0-1. Congrats.... Am I supposed to give you respect for this? And by the way.... Had Big Ben been in this game, you would've had your asses handed to you.

Week #2: Atlanta hosted the Arizona Cardinals at home in the Georgia Dome. The Cardinals, whose great QB Kurt Warner retired after last season and then they cut the one who had been training to take his place, Matt Leinart. So that left you facing the ever so wonderful Anderson (?). And yes, you dominated them. But, it was just the Cards! Not one of the great teams. Also, thanks for pissing them off. Appreciate it. They took it out on us. Wish they had taken it out on your Gopher looking QB. So, now. Am I supposed to respect you now because you dominated an inferior team? Sorry, not in my book.

Week #3: Atlanta travelled to the Big Easy to take on divisional rivals and reigning Super Bowl Champions, New Orleans Saints. The number 1 problem in this game was the fact  that the Saints couldn't seem to cover Gonzalez. Had they covered him properly, that would've eliminated 1 touchdown. Even if you had managed to score that touchdown some other way, it should've been all over in OT. But Hartley missed a FG. Your kicker made his. You won in OT by 3. Where was the domination? You are so much better than the Saints, right? I didn't see any domination in that game. I saw a problem with covering a TE and a kicker who was having an off moment. And no matter how you look at it, Drew Brees was the better QB that day. Yes, he had a couple INT. But, he completed just as many passes as yours attempted. He had more yards, more touchdowns. You didn't have a spectacular victory. Sorry, can't give you respect for this one either.

Week #4: San Francisco visited Georgia. Again, no domination in this game. As a matter of fact, didn't the 49ers have the lead most of this game? And as for completion percentage, hate to burst your "our QB is the best" bubble, but even A. Smith's completion percentage was better that game than Bratty Ice's. You won by 2, and because of your kicker's leg, to a really inferior team. No, I still cannot respect you.

Week #5: Atlanta travelled to Cleveland to take on the Browns. Before we move on here, yes the browns beat the Saints (Fujita is dead to me because of his dealing in that). they also beat the Pats. But as the saying goes - Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. Cleveland managed to hit the jackpot twice. (About like you Atlanta. But are the Browns contenders too? I thought not.) Congrats. You beat the Browns by 10 pts. Individually and combined, their QB's completion percentage was higher than Matt Ryan's (see a trend here? Ryan can throw for more yards, but could have more if he could COMPLETE more).... Sorry, cant' respect you for beating the Browns.... by 10.

Week #6: Atlanta went to Philly. And they got owned. By Kolb. If you are as good as you say you are. Then I have to respect the Eagles for their domination over you.

Week #7: You beat the Bengals at home, by a TD. You both scored over 30 points. Not a game of domination.

Week #8: Your Bye week. You were 5-2. Did you respect the Saints in 2009 when they were undefeated at Week 8? I didn't think so. But you want respect for 5-2?

Week #9: You beat Tampa Bay by 6 at home. Again where is the domination? That's what people want to see. Can you dominate a decent/good team.

Week #10: You played Baltimore at home. Now, I cannot remember for the life of me, why you should not have won this game. I want to say there was some botched call by the refs. But believe me, when it comes to me, I will update this section. Besides, you only won by 5 points. The NFL world has still not seen you dominate a high caliber team!

Week #11: You beat St. Louis 34-17 in St. Louis. Sure, high score. Was it a contending caliber team? No.

Week #12: You beat Green Bay at home by 3 points. You would 99.5% most likely have lost this game had this not been the year of "Fuck up the calls in Atlanta's favor". Every other team in the NFL knows that had it been their player that missed that catch, it would have been ruled incomplete. But, no.... Not if you're Atlanta. It's not required that your players have control of the ball as long as you touch it. Bobble it all you want, it's a catch if you're a Falcon. So yeah, you won. Because you have the refs on your side. No other reason. You should've lost this game. Period. Everyone knows it except you apparently.

Week #13: You beat Tampa Bay by 4 at Tampa Bay. It's hard to say if you would've lost this game or not. I didn't get to see this game, except for the last part. However, your defensive player did not have control of the ball. Therefore, it should have been ruled a incomplete pass, not an interception. Believe me. No other team would have gotten an INT out of that play. You are just LUCKY, not good. P.S. - When the Saints played Tampa Bay at TB, we DOMINATED them......

Week #14: You beat Carolina. By 21. Surprise, surprise. Their record was what 1-12 by this point? If you had lost to them and were 10-3, would you still be demanding respect? Would you think that you do deserve it? Bitch, please. We all KNEW you were going to win this one. And honestly, we all assumed the margin would be greater. Since you know, you are the greatest team in the NFC. *Eye Roll*

Week #15: You beat Seattle 34-18 on the road. Now, if this had been say Chicago, or Green Bay, or the Saints, or the Eagles -- I'd say I'd be impressed. But, it was just Seattle. Not too impressive.

Now, since I have broken down these 15 weeks, you're going to tell me that all that matters is the 12 W and the 2 L. Yes, to a point you are correct. However, don't demand respect from people and really have nothing substantial to show for it. I saw a checklist going around Twitter the other day. It was, of course by Falcon fans. So, let's look at it.

They said we couldn't beat :
~ Saints in NO. (Dropped TE Coverage and a Missed FG. Otherwise, no you wouldn't have).
~ Ravens (Refs sucking your dick got you that one)
~ Packers (again refs sucking your dick)
~ can't win on the road (You won 6 on the road. None were impressive wins)
 Hmm what's next haters?! (NONE of your wins were impressive!)

So, let's go back to 2009. Saints were 13-0 going into the end of regular season. Did we get respect? NO Did analysts even have us winning our first post season game, much less the NFC Championship or the Super Bowl? NO

The Saints WON the Super Bowl. Do they get respect? NO

So, shut the fuck up about your un-impressive 12-2 record and not having respect. If a 13-0 team didn't deserve it last year then you certainly don't! If the reigning Super Bowl Champs don't deserve it, then you certainly don't!

I don't think you are a contending team this season no matter what your record says. I don't think you'll get through Philly again to even see the Super Bowl. I don't want to hear the whole "We got home field advantage" bullshit. You had Kolb last time. This time you'll have Vick. He knows the Georgia Dome. And he wants to punish you. Sure, it's never been said. Not going to be. But, you threw him out like yesterday's garbage. You had no faith in his abilities on the field. But, in all reality. He's better than that piece of mouth-breathing (thanks, Becky!) big teeth trash you got on the field now. You want a ring? You shipped your chance off. Mike Vick will get a ring before the Falcons do.

Furthermore, even IF I am wrong and you do win NFC Championship, you will not get that elusive ring. The 2 AFC teams most likely going to Super Bowl are the Patriots and the Steelers. You've got nothing on Brady and Big Ben will own you in ways you could never imagine!

So, there Atlanta. There's you answer. You get no respect because you deserve no respect. Every analyst knows it. You're the Boise State of the NFL. You have a nice record, but that's it. Oh, wait. Boise could dominate all lesser teams. You can't even do that!

P.S. The Saints super Bowl record is better than yours. You're 0-1. They're 1-0. Even IF you get that ring, we're still undefeated in the SB. You're not!

A Major Change

I initially began this blog with every intentions of being unbiased. Notice how many posts I did? 1.... And I'm ready to change that one. I tried being unbiased when picking my Super Bowl 45 picks. I based them off of current play at that time and thee future schedule. I should've just gone with my BIASED opinion on what I believe will happen without regards to current play, statistics, etc..... Live and learn, I guess.

So, with that said, let the very biased and passionate blogging begin........